Superhero drama

The Satellite Guys Superheroes

The Satellite Guys, as imagined by Marvel’s Create Your Own Superhero Website.

Like any red-blooded American kids, the Satellite Guys grew up believing in, and aspiring to be, superheroes. Batman, or maybe Spiderman. Today we have So. Many. Choices.

To keep current on the whole superhero proliferation, DIRECTV has compiled a list of superhero movies to help us all remember which one(s) we wanted to be when we grew up. Whenever that is. We’re still working on it.

To have even more fun, we discovered Marvel’s Create Your Own Superhero website and had some fun, until we had to decide who was Satellite Guy 1 and Satellite Guy 2.

Try it and post your superhero image onĀ The Satellite Guys’ Facebook page!

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