New Years Blog Post

New Years Resolutions?


Group of New year Resolutions Post it Notes on pink, yellow, orange and green on cork board written with message of diet, join gym, find love, quit smoking and be happy

A new year and some new and exciting changes! Feel free to join the Satellite Guys in their lifestyle makeovers. First on the list is whipping ourselves back into shape — it is time to put that gym membership to good use and crush the bad habit of skipping breakfast.

If that doesn’t spark your interests, maybe new changes at DirecTV will! Here are some new year channel changes:

  • One World Sports, the dream for sports fans is now on channel 623
  • FM, for music acts and lovers is exclusively on channel 386
  • IFC is now on channel 333
  • MTV2 is now on channel 332
  • VHI Classic is now on 336

With best wishes in 2017 from the Satellite Guys. Check out new updates on our Facebook page!