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Summer and Food – What more do you need?

June 21 marks the first day of summer.  What better way to celebrate summer (and leading up to it) than to enjoy Food Truck Fridays, starting on June 22.  Anybody that knows us, knows that we like food and summer. Oh and did we mention, it’s Jason’s birthday June 22? That’s cause for celebration – more food and even cake (mmm, …

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Lilacs Daiga Ellaby 154935 Unsplash 1

April Showers, Brings May Flowers

The birds are chirping, the squirrels are frolicking, the butterflies are fluttering, and May is in full bloom. What better way to celebrate May than a Lilac Festival.  After the harsh winter, we are ready to enjoy the smell of lilacs, honor our military, empower the youth in our community, and showcase the very best of the region – complete …

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New Years Blog Post

New Years Resolutions?

  A new year and some new and exciting changes! Feel free to join the Satellite Guys in their lifestyle makeovers. First on the list is whipping ourselves back into shape — it is time to put that gym membership to good use and crush the bad habit of skipping breakfast. If that doesn’t spark your interests, maybe new changes …

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Cups of eggnog with cinnamon and cookies on table on bright

Tis the season

The Satellite Guys think holiday specials are best enjoyed on the couch with our feet up. Usually eggnog is involved. Morning specials require eggnog served over Fruity Pebbles.  Evening eggnog might include additional ingredients to warm the cockles of your heart. Or something like that. DirecTV has a handy way to see what holiday specials are coming up, especially the …

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We’re baaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkk!

In case you missed it, AMC‘s The Walking Dead is back. Now, the Satellite Guys have little kids, so catching up on this show is like trying to take a hot shower – you gotta get it in when you can. If you’re like us and haven’t been able to catch the first few shows in Season 7 which aired Oct. …

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Spokane County Interstate Fair

We love a good fair!

The Satellite Guys are counting down the days to the Spokane County Interstate Fair. Really – corndogs and funnel cakes can’t be beat and it would be worth going just for those. But look at the line up: traditional agricultural displays, the latest carnival rides, entertainment by Kenny Loggins and country music singers Randy Hauser and Lee Brice, a magician, …

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Ironman Guy Running Through Water Cropped

Couch…Beer…Remote – The Ultimate Triathlon

A big shout out to our local athletes and all of our guest athletes joining us here in Coeur d’Alene for this year’s Ironman! The Satellite guys are competing in our own challenging race. Its 7:30 pm on a Friday night and the first task looms ahead. We will lunge off the couch and make our way down the living room, …

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In with the new, out with the old- TV shows

Maybe you’ve heard. Tragic news really. The wife says Downton Abbey is over. For everyone who has felt the heartbreak of a good show ending, the Satellite Guys sympathize and are here to help you find a rebound show or even a new show to go steady with! That’s right; everyone knows that it won’t do any good to mope. …

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Swimmer Butterfly Stroke 600x

Counting Down to the 2016 Summer Olympics

This summer is special! Why? Not just because of the hot dogs and watermelon, but because families, communities, and countries are coming together for the long anticipated competition that has brought people together since 776 B.C. The Satellite guys are beer and horseshoe kind of guys and looking forward to the games. We will be seen gawking at our TV screens …

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DirecTV’s top five movies

Believe it or not, The Satellite Guys were kids once too! Do you remember when once was just not enough when it came to watching those favorite movies? Well we do, and are happy to let you in on one of the greatest secrets in entertainment today. The new favorites are out! And maybe you guessed it, they are available …

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