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April Showers, Brings May Flowers

The birds are chirping, the squirrels are frolicking, the butterflies are fluttering, and May is in full bloom. What better way to celebrate May than a Lilac Festival.  After the harsh winter, we are ready to enjoy the smell of lilacs, honor our military, empower the youth in our community, and showcase the very best of the region – complete with events through the month of May.

Although many of us have been waiting for Spring and the Lilac Festival, like Meghan Markle waiting to deliver Baby Archie, there is plenty to be excited about.  Speaking of Archie, Riverdale finished up Season 3, on The CW, leaving their audience wondering if there will be future seasons.  Just like Riverdale is a mystery, so is their next season airing. Rest in peace Luke Perry….and maybe Riverdale?  Dying to fill your space with another drama-mystery tv show, Killing Eve just started season 2 and is bound to be a dramatic season as it left with a cliff-hanger everyone was dying to know what happens next.  This killer new season airs on BBC America and AMCE on Sundays. 

Drama-Mystery not your thing?  We are sure you will find something great to watch!